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Twig Razor Stand

Twig Razor Stand

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This stand elegantly holds and displays The Twig Razor, whether on your countertop or on the ledge of your shower. The silicone foot keeps it in place. No slips or slides here!


Your new Safety Razor will last a lifetime if cared for between uses. The Twig Stand holds and displays The Twig Razor upright, which is the proper for storage and drying between uses. A silicone foot keeps it it from slipping around on your countertop.

Dimensions: 1.6 in x 1. in x 0.9 in / 1.6 oz

How to Use

Place The Twig Razor on top of the stand.

Alternative To

Razor stands made of plastic or other synthetic materials.


Zinc-alloy, silicone.

Country of origin: China


This Twig Razor Stand comes in 100% plastic free packing!

The Twig Stand is packaged with materials that are recyclable curbside with paper based recycling

End of Life

This stand should last as long as your razor handle — a lifetime! The package for this Twig Razor Stand is paperboard and 100% recyclable in curbside paper recycling.

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