Single use plastics generate 300 million tons of trash each year. Wow, that's a big number! Let's change that with these zero waste cups, containers, utensils, totes, and more the next time you're on the go.

Package Free Glass & Cork Coffee Cup

From $34.00

Airtight Stainless Steel Containers

From $16.00

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set


Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag


Net Produce Sack Large

From $6.25

Cotton Produce Bag Large

From $5.25

Biodegradable Natural Adhesive Bandage Strips - 25 Per Tube


Reusable Silicone Snack Bag


String Bag


Reusable Silicone Half Gallon Bag


Mouthwash Tablets


8.5" Bubble Tea Straw


Silicone Soft Travel Bottle

From $6.99

Package Free Bamboo Straw

$2.00 $1.50

Travel Soap Box


Stainless Steel Drinking Jar Lid

From $11.00

Pink Rose Clay Facial Bar


Kids Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set


Silicone Ice Tray - Cube


Big Mini Steel Container


Rose Water Face Cream


Package Free Water Bottle

From $20.00

Folding Mini Key Chain Knife


Tumbler with Straw


Organic Cotton Backpack


Silicone Water Bottle Ice Tray


Rose Water Toner


Travel Hand Cream Tin


Biodegradable iPhone Case - 6,6S,7,8


Texturizing Sea Salt Spray


Black Water Bottle

From $28.95

Stainless Steel And Wood Pocket Knife