• Package Free Product

    Receive free Package Free product. Educate and promote sustainable swaps with us!

  • Early Access

    After opening order, terms may be extended based on credit approval

  • Commission

    Encourage your audience to purchase Package and receive a commission on each sale. 

  • Long term relationship

    Develop a long term relationship with our team of experts who can offer guidance.

Get inspired to live your @PackageFreeShop life

Share with us how you're using your Package Free purchases to reduce your waste by tagging us @packagefreeshop on Instagram!


How does being an Ambassador work? Do I get to choose my products?

You will get to choose product on a regular basis to create new content and provide honest reviews of Package Free. Once accepted into our program, our Partnerships Team will work with you on what the partnership will look like and what our brand would like to communicate.

Note: exclusions apply.

How often do I need to create and post content?

To stay in the program, our recommendation is at least once a month. We ask that our ambassadors stay true to themselves and promote as often as they would like.

What social media platforms are you interested in?

We are primarily interested in Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Do you compensate Ambassadors?

Yes! Brand Ambassadors receive a percentage of each sale as well as product from Package Free.

Do you accept paid partnerships

When considering paid partnerships, we prioritize ambassadors. Our Ambassador program is designed to create a long-term partnership that helps make a difference by swapping your everyday essentials with their most sustainable versions from Package Free. As an Ambassador, you get direct access to our Team for any questions, ideas or concerns.

Do I have to disclose my partnership with my audience?

Each Ambassador is obligated to provide a clear disclosure of their partnership with Package Free in any and all posts published as a result of this collaboration.

Do you work with international creators?

At this time, we are currently working with creators in the US only. That being said, we are open to international!