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Twig Razor

Twig Razor

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Did you know that the EPA estimates 2 billion razors are tossed out per year in the US? No thanks! Safety razors are the way to go! They will leave you smooth from your top to your toes — and they don't create waste.

The Twig Razor uses just one blade but still gives a close shave. This razor is half the size of a traditional double edge safety razor and has a pre-angled head, which means you can reach tight spots easier.


The Twig razor is a single blade, fixed head safety razor with a unique twist to open loading mechanism that keeps the razor in one piece.

The razor head is engineered at an intuitive angle with blade exposure dialed in to be a comfortable, easy to learn shave. With weight biased towards the handle instead of the head, you have greater control over the shave over traditional safety razors. The Twig razor accepts any standard safety razor blade.

Dimensions: 1 in x 4 in x .75 in / 1.8 oz

How to Use

The Twig razor is a fixed head safety razor, so shaving with this product has a small learning curve. When using, you're looking to find the "shaving plane" on your skin and maintaining that angle throughout your shaving strokes.

The head of is angled for you so finding the shaving plane is simple. Because this Twig Razor is all metal, you'll find that you do not need to press hard like you would with a disposable plastic metal razor. Simply glide this razor over your skin and let the weight of the metal do the work for you. Use shorter, smaller strokes than you would normally use with a regular razor.

When it's time to change the blade on your Twig Razor, you can do so easily with the twist to open feature, which keeps your razor in one piece. Magnetic blade loading helps keep the blade in place when loading.

Keep product clean and dry between uses. To clean and break up hard soap residue, wash with dish soap or soak briefly in a diluted vinegar bath.

Alternative To

Disposable plastic razors.



Country of origin: China.


The Twig Razor comes in 100% plastic free packing! The Twig Razor is packaged with materials that are recyclable curbside with paper based recycling. This includes a recycled content chipboard hard box with hinge, and paperboard wrap and inserts.

End of Life

This product is mixed material, separate for end of life.

The paper packaging is 100% recyclable in curbside recycling.

The handle can be recycled in metal recycling.

You can send used safety razor blades back to Leaf Shave to recycle for them as scrap metal. Razors that reach an end of life are recycled as scrap metal as well. Learn more here.

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