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Wax Pencils

Wax Pencils

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The perfect way to doodle on glass & metal reusable containers or highlight notes!

These wax pencils have a Kraft Paper body with a cotton string that is used to pull down paper, exposing the wax stick on the inside.

These come in four essential colors: Red, Yellow, Black and White

Dimensions: 6.7"x0.3"x0.3"

1 pencil

How to Use

Pull cotton string along the length as much as required and peel back the paper wrap! Write on nonporous surfaces like glass/ceramic/metal; highlight on paper. Can be erased with damp cloth only from nonporous surfaces.

Do not ingest or touch eyes with wax pencil.

Alternative To

This Wax Pencil is an alternative to plastic pens, markers, and highlighters to write on nonporous surfaces like glass, ceramic, metal, and paper.

Ingredients / Materials

Pencil: Kraft Paper, Cotton string

Wax: White Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Zinc Distearate, Iron Oxide Powder


This Wax Pencil comes 100% Package Free!

End of Life

Kraft paper: 100% backyard compostable and recyclable in paper recycling.

Cotton string: 100% backyard compostable and recyclable in textile recycling.

Wax stick: is 100% backyard compostable.


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