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Scrub Brush

Scrub Brush

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100% natural.

Replace synthetic, petroleum-based sponges and brushes with this all natural, backyard compostable scrub brush – made simply with beechwood and plant-based fibers. Perfect for dishes and cookware.

As part of our Zero Waste ethos, we’re selling through vintage stock – not sending it to landfills. You might receive some items in our vintage branding. 

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, actual product designs may vary.


Only three natural ingredients! 

Beechwood, sisal fiber, palmyra fiber

How to Use

Create a lather with warm water and your favorite sustainable dish soap. Use on dishes or cookware.

Product Details

Size: 1.9” L x 2.2” W.

Packaging: Package free!

More: Made in China

Alternative To

Sponges and scrubbers made from plastic.

Care & End of Life

Care Instructions: Air dry completely between uses. For best results, store bristle side down in a dry area when not in use.

End of Life: This brush is 100% backyard compostable

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