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Bamboo Child Toothbrush

Bamboo Child Toothbrush

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Plastic-free pearly whites.

Made from 100% compostable bamboo and plant-based bristles, the Package Free Bamboo Toothbrush is the perfect replacement for pesky plastic in the bathroom.

As part of our Zero Waste ethos we’re selling through vintage stock — not sending it to landfills. You might receive some items in our vintage branding. 

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, actual product designs may vary.


Only two, 100% biobased ingredients! 

Toothbrush: bamboo bristles, biobased castor bean bristles

Box: 100% recycled paper 

How to Use

Use just as you would a plastic toothbrush! Can be used to clean both teeth and tongue

Product Details

Packaging: Recycled paper box

Alternative To

Plastic toothbrushes

Care & End of Life

Care Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place between uses. The ADA recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months to prevent bacteria build up.

End of Life:

Toothbrush: 100% backyard compostable

Package: 100% compostable or recyclable in paper recycling

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