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Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils

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Fill the room with fragrance or rub on your body for relief. These essential oils can be used in many ways the toughest part is picking a scent!


Essential oils are extracted from organically harvested ingredients and are pure plant extracts. They are extracted by steam distillation or cold pressing, depending on the plant.

Bergamot: Uplifting & Relaxing: Elevates your mood and alleviates stress.

Eucalyptus: Stimulating & Rejuvenating

Lavender: Soothing & Relaxing: Calms the spirit, soothes tension, supports a good night's sleep.

Lemon: Uplifting

Lemongrass: Energising

Rosemary: Alertness & Energising

Sweet Orange: Uplifting & Brightens Mood

Peppermint: Energising

Tea Tree: Immune Boost

Ylang Ylang: Soothing & Calming

Dimensions: 1.2" x 1.2" x 2" contains .27 fl oz of product

Made in Portugal.

How to Use
  • Just screw the wooden lid off the top, pop open the dropper and give a tap on the back for one drop.
  • Burn 4-5 drops of the oil with a layer of water in an oil burner, and place the oil burner on the nearest table to you so you can inhale oils.
  • Common cold: Add 4 drops to a carrier oil of your choice and apply to the chest and throat area to clear the sinuses and silence your cough.
  • Minor wounds: Add one drop to a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to a small wound to prevent infection.
  • Joint pain: Add 4 drops to a carrier oil of your choice and massage into the affected area for joint pain relief.

    Store out of the sun when not in use.

    Alternative To

    These Organic Essential Oils replace essential oils with plastic caps.


    Bergamot Essential Oil: Organic Bergamont Oil
    Cedarwood Essential Oil: Organic Cedarwood Oil
    Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil: Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil
    Clary Sage Essential Oil: Organic Clary Sage Oil
    Clove Essential Oil: Organic Clove Oil
    Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Organic Eucalyptus Oil
    Frankincense Essential Oil: Organic Frankincense Oil
    Geranium Essential Oil: Organic Geranium Oil
    Lavender Essential Oil: Organic Lavender Oil
    Lemon Essential Oil: Organic Lemon Oil
    Patchouli Essential Oil: Organic Patchouli Oil
    Peppermint Essential Oil: Organic Peppermint Oil
    Rosemary Essential Oil: Organic Rosemary Oil
    Scotch Pine Essential Oil: Organic Scotch Pine Oil
    Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Organic Sweet Orange Oil
    Tea Tree Essential Oil: Organic Tea Tree Oil
    YlangYlang Essential Oil: Organic YlangYlang Oil


    These Organic Essential Oils comes in a glass container with a wooden lid and plastic stopper under lid.

    End of Life

    These Organic Essential Oils are a mixed material product. Separate and clean for end of life.

    The glass jar is recyclable in glass recycling.

    The paper box is recyclable in paper recycling.

    The plastic stopper is recyclable in plastic recycling.

    The wooden cap is 100% backyard compostable.

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