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Metallic Nesting Straws

Metallic Nesting Straws

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The ultimate nesting straw! Comes with three straws and a brush all in one, so it's perfect for the party where no one brings their own.


The average American uses 38,000 plastic straw in their lifetime, so thankfully this set will also last a lifetime!

Dishwasher safe (including the brush!).

Dimensions: 7.7 in each

Diameter: 6 mm, 8 mm, 9.5 mm

Replacement For

Plastic Straw


100% stainless steel.

Bristles are made of nylon.


This product comes 100% package free.

End of Life

It should last forever, but if you need to dispose of it, use metal recycling or single stream-recycling!

Remove nylon bristles and recycle with textile recycling.

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