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Cycle Dog

Dog Waste Pick-up Bags

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Clean up after your pup with these biodegradable poop bags!

Please note: This item is restricted from shipping to California. 



An easy and sustainable solution for your dog's poop! These pick-up bags are made from corn and plant starches.

There are 72 bags in each box, 12 bags per roll and 6 rolls per Box.

Dimensions: 11.5" x 8.5"

Weight: .25 lbs

How to Use

Remove one bag from the roll. Turn the bag inside out and place your hand inside the bag. Pick up your dog's poop and close the bag with the poop inside. Tie the bag up and dispose of the bag.

Alternative To

This product is an alternative to conventional plastic poop bags. 


The bags come packaged in a paper box.

Ingredients / Materials

The pick-up bags are made from PLA

Box and Inside Roll are made of paper.

End of Life

Dispose of the used bags with industrial composting that can accept pet waste. *please check with your municipal/private composting pick-up service to see if they accept pet waste. Dog waste can not be composted with fruit and vegetable garden.

Paper and box can be recycled in paper recycling. 

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