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Cat Litter Bag Holder

Cat Litter Bag Holder

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It’s our pick of the litter for, well, picking up litter! This Cat Litter Bag Holder keeps things cool, stylish, and discrete. Pretty claw-some, right?


Stylish, convenient, and plastic free, this Cat Litter Bag Holder brings style and clutter reduction to your kitty clean up. Made from natural and biodegradable materials, this Cat Litter Bag Holder is as good for the planet as it is for helping keep your kitty clean.

With materials sourced in LA’s fashion district and cut and sewn by local artisans, this holder is 100% cotton down to the thread. How paw-fect!

Dimension: 10.75" Long, 3.5" Diameter

Weight: 0.1lb

Quantity: 1 holder

How to Use

Roll your cat litter bag bundle a few times and insert it into This Cat Litter Bag holder. Hang the holder and gently pull the outside bag first for best dispensing.

Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low.

Alternative To

This Cat Litter Bag Holder is an alternative to plastic bags and boxes used as holders.

Ingredients / Materials

Hemp canvas, organic cotton thread, cotton ribbon, cotton label

Country of Origin: USA


This Cat Litter Bag Holder comes 100% Package Free!

End of Life

This Cat Litter Bag Holder is 100% biodegradable and compostable in backyard composting.

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