Lauren's Essentials

Here are just a few of my favorite products that helped me get started on my own personal journey towards a Zero Waste lifestyle. The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash every day! With these simple swaps, you will reduce waste and save money on everyday items.

Reg Mouth- 16 oz. Mason Jar with Lid

From $2.00

Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult

From $4.49

Refillable Dental Floss


String Bag


Round Conditioner Bar


Round Shampoo Bar


Zinc and Stainless Steel Razor with Pivoting Head


Beeswax Food Wrap


Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set


Cotton Facial Rounds (20 pack)


9.45" Stainless Steel Straw


Dental Floss Refill Pack


Cotton Produce Bag Large

From $5.25

Vegan Lip Balm


6.95” Stainless Steel Straw


Sunscreen SPF 30+ Face & Body Tin


Tinted Face Moisturizer SPF 30+ Plastic Free


Net Produce Sack Medium

From $5.25

8.5" Stainless Steel Straight Straw


Cotton Produce Bag Medium

From $4.95

Organic UNpaper Towels


32oz Laundry Detergent - 60 Loads


Reusable Silicone Pocket 2-pack (1 Clear 1 Aqua)


Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag


Reusable Jars with Tare Weight

From $6.99

Airtight Stainless Steel Containers

From $16.00

Zero Waste Kit: Lauren's Essentials


Wide Mouth- 16 oz Mason Jar