Wooden Cheese Knife Zebra Wood and Walnut 6''
Chelsea Miller Knives

Wooden Cheese Knife Zebra Wood and Walnut 6''

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Item: Wooden Cheese Knife 6”

Mission: Each Chelsea Miller knife is an invitation to wonder about the natural and industrial world. To move slowly in the kitchen with intent to prepare thoughtful food. Her process is focused on exploration, imperfection, and the desire to make things more beautiful than they have to be.

Chelsea Miller Knives are made of the materials that are locally sourced from upstate NY or the countryside. Using repurposed wood and  one-of-a-kind blade is a repurposed farrier’s file that is typically used for filing horse’s hooves!

Description: Used for cutting and spreading soft cheeses
Country of Origin: USA
Materials: Zebrawood and walnut
Care Instructions: Hand wash only, dry after washing. 
Packaging: None

Brand Information
Brand Name: Chelsea Miller Knives
Website: www.chelseamillerknives.com
Social Media: @chelseamillerknives