Stainless Steel Wall Base
Gneiss Spice

Stainless Steel Wall Base

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Item: Stainless Wall Base for Magnetic Jars

Mission: What began as a DIY project in 2009 for Beth, a former high school science teacher, who was looking for space in her NY apartment by ridding her cabinets of old and stale spices, Beth stuck magnetic glass hexagon jars to her fridge. Due to their shape, the jars formed a spice honeycomb which served as a conversational piece. An instant hit with family and friends, it soon turned in a business! Beth picked up her in-home business and moved to an old barn in Maine, where Alyson, a trained farmer and production manager joined her and Gneiss Spice (pronounced nice rhymes with spice) was born! 

Description: Stainless steel wall plate for magnetic jars. Drilled holes in corners for mounting to your backsplash, side of cupboard or even inside a cabinet door. Base measures 10in x12in and holds up to 28 small jars. Note: jars do not need a wall base, and will stick to magnetic refrigerators.

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Materials: Stainless Steel

Packaging: Recycled Paper Envelope

Brand Information

Brand Name: Gneiss Spice


Social Media: @gneissspice

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