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Ovella Wool

Stain Stick

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Don't let the world know you spilled hot sauce on your favorite shirt! This stain stick bar is great for erasing those embarrassing spills!



This 4 oz  stain stick bar is an easy and convenient way to help remove stains.  Simply  wet the stain  with water and rub with stain stick bar before popping it into the washing machine.  

Replacement For

Stain removers  made with synthetic materials and in plastic containers


Paper Wrapper

Ingredients / Materials

4oz Saponified Coconut Oil

End of Life

Paper wrapper can be recycled  with paper recycling or in single stream recycling or composted in backyard compost or an industrial composting facility.

Bar should  be used till the end, but if not it can be composted in backyard or industrial compost facility.

Customer Reviews

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