Small Furoshki Everyday Napkins

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Item: Small Furoshiki Everyday Napkins

Mission: Created by Molly de Vries, Ambatalia aims to facilitate a way of living that eliminates the unnecessary waste of single-use products. Crafted from lovely, natural, and sustainable materials, all textiles are proudly made in the San Francisco Bay area. Ambatalia helps us simplify and find pleasure in our daily rituals.

Description: Ambatalia references the everyday napkins as small furoshikis to encourage the idea of using something very simple, like a napkin, to use in many different ways in our everyday lives to move towards a non-disposable life.

Also great to use as everyday napkins at the family table, to-go lunch for school or work, or a picnic. Other uses include wrapping a sandwich to go instead of using a disposable wrap or bag.

Moisten and lay over veggies that need moisture in the fridge to stay their freshest or ask your cheese counter if they can wrap your cheese in a napkin instead of using plastic. When napkins become well worn or stained, use as a dish cloth.

QUANTITY - A set includes 4 unwashed napkins of your choice of fabrics, simply and beautifully tied together with vintage linen string and Ambatalia hang tag.

SIZE -  Measurements 17" x 17" after shrinkage.

Country of Origin: USA

Materials: The ticking (stripes) and nordic blue chambray are made of a 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend. Recycled is a 55% recycled hemp and organic cotton. Linen is 100% flax linen.

Care Instructions:  Wash in cold water and line drying in caring for the fabric and environment. Machine wash warm and tumble dry is okay, we do recommend low heat. If you do use the dryer, it's best to pull them out a bit early to avoid wrinkling. Wash the Nordic chambray towel separately or with dark colors.

Packaging: Organic Cotton String, Safety Pin, Paper tag

Brand Information

Brand Name: Ambatalia


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