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Goodlight Candles

Scented Candle Tins

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Set the mood with these amazing paraffin free Scented Candle Tins! 

Scent: Juniper

Size: 2 oz.



These scented candle tins are made without phthalates, synthetic or artificial fragrances, chemicals, lead, or paraffin (petroleum). These candles have a 15 hour burn time. 

Honeysuckle: a sweet burst of spring. 

Lavender: a classic, calming aroma. 

Juniper: a fresh, woodsy scent! 


The tin is made from 100% aluminum and has a paper label.

Ingredients / Materials

100% non GMO palm wax, cotton wick, & GoodLight’s proprietary blend of pure essential & botanical oils naturally distilled from plants & containing no phthlates or other chemicals.

GoodLight is a founding member on the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and accordingly this wax is sustainably sourced and certified. 

Replacement For

These Scented Candle Tins replace candles made of synthetic ingredients that are packaged in plastic. 

End of Life

These Scented Candle Tins are mixed material products. Separate and clean for end of life. 

The candle is 100% backyard compostable. 

The paper label is recyclable in paper recycling.

The tin is recyclable in metal recycling.

Customer Reviews

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