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Package Free Dish Washing Brush Replacement Head


Did you know that most sponges are made of polyester and nylon, AKA nonrenewable materials derived from petroleum and gas that will never biodegrade!? No thanks! Do your dishes the Package Free way with a compostable Dish Brush made of wood + sisal fibers.

As a part of our Zero Waste ethos we’re selling through vintage stock — not sending it to landfills. You might receive some items in our vintage branding.

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Clean your dishes without dirtying the planet! The Package Free Dish Brush is the Zero Waste replacement for petroleum based sponges.

These sturdy bristles made of plant based fibers allow you to scrub thoroughly and the long wooden handle allows you to reach hard to reach spots in pots, dishes, and reusable water bottles.

Dimensions: Brush: 9.6 in long / Dish Brush Head: 1.7 in around

Replacement For

Sponges are made of polyester, nylon, and other materials derived from petroleum and gas.

The Package Free Dish Washing Brush handle is also compatible with our previous Redecker Dish Brush Replacement Head!

How To Use

Use this Dish Brush like a sponge to clean dishes. Work with dish soap to create a lather in warm water as you clean.


This Dish Brush comes 100% Package Free!

Ingredients/ Materials

Beechwood, 100% Sisal Fiber Bristles, and Stainless Steel.

Country of origin: China

Care Instructions

Clean with soap and water between uses. Pat dry. This Dish Brush is not dishwasher safe. Store this Dish Brush bristle side down in a dry area when not in use for best results and extended use.

End of Life

Replace your Dish Brush head about four months, or whenever your bristles appear frayed and lose efficacy. This will vary depending on frequency and rigor of use.

This Dish Brush Replacement Head is a mixed material product. Separate for the end of life. Separation instructions: To separate the metal parts from the wood, you can use pliers to remove the bristles from the head and staples from the base of the bristles.

The sisal fiber bristles are 100% compostable.

The wooden head is 100% compostable.

The metal staples and stainless steel parts are 100% recyclable with metal recycling or single stream recycling.

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