Modern Apron

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Mission: Created by Molly de Vries, Ambatalia aims to facilitate a way of living that eliminates the unnecessary waste of single-use products. Crafted from lovely, natural, and sustainable materials, all textiles are proudly made in the San Francisco Bay area. Ambatalia helps us simplify and find pleasure in our daily rituals.

Description: This apron was designed to float on the body with no strings attached almost magically with only one seam at the shoulders.

Ambatalia signature. The pockets are made from the arm cut out to avoid fabric waste, reinforced with red stitching at pockets.

Country of Origin: USA

Materials: Recycled Hemp and Organic Cotton Blend

Care Instructions: We recommend cold water wash and line dry for the conservation of our environment and fabric longevity. It's okay to use warm water and low heat tumble dry.

Packaging: Organic Cotton String, Safety Pin, Paper tag

Brand Information

Brand Name: Ambatalia


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