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Mayan Loofah

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Scrub away your troubles (and everything else) with this Mayan loofah! Use these 100% plant fiber loofahs to clean your bathtub, dishes, or body. 



These loofahs are sourced from a single family farm in Guatemala, and the seed is from the Mayan heirloom variety. Grown using traditional methods, these loofahs are free of all pesticides and herbicides, and are completely unprocessed. 

Each loofah comes compressed and flattened. The loofah will expand when wet.

Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 0.5 in when wet, sizing may vary slightly.

How To Use

Kitchen: Apply dish soap to the loofah and use it to wash dishes. Change loofah every 3 to 5 weeks depending on usage.

Bath (exfoliation): Apply body soap to the loofah and use it to exfoliate skin.

Bath (cleaning): Apply cleaning agent to the loofah and use it to clean sinks, tiles, and tubs.


100% Package Free

Ingredients / Materials

100% plant fiber

The Mayan loofah is natural and may have some browns seeds inside. The brown seeds can easily be washed off with water.

Replacement For

Plastic-based dish brushes, sponges and bath loofahs.

End of Life

This item is 100% compostable and biodegradable. It can be composted in backyard or commercial compostingLoofah will decompose within 30 days.

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