filt string bag natural cotton

filt string bag natural cotton

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Item: Filt String Bag Natural Cotton 

Mission: Created by Molly de Vries, Ambatalia aims to facilitate a way of living that eliminates the unnecessary waste of single-use products. Crafted from lovely, natural, and sustainable materials, all textiles are proudly made in the San Francisco Bay area. Ambatalia helps us simplify and find pleasure in our daily rituals.

Description: For more than a hundred years, Filt out of Normandy, France has been making net bags ( pronounced fee-lay) originally for fisherman and then made popular for food shopping from the 40's through 70's. It's back big time and still made in the same high quality way. The bag stretches to accommodate many items and the grocer can see everything easily.

Country of Origin: Normandy

Materials: Organic Cotton

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, hang to dry.

Packaging: Organic Cotton String, Safety Pin, Paper tag

Brand Information

Brand Name: Ambatalia


Social Media: @nondisposablelife

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