Canning Jar Drinking Lid - Wide Mouth Clear

Canning Jar Drinking Lid - Wide Mouth Clear

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Item: Canning Jar Drinking Lid Wide Mouth Clear

Mission: Founded in 2012, Cuppow started by developing a product that would help them decrease their own environmental footprint. In place of the standard route of manufacturing small products overseas, Cuppow responsibly manufactures high-quality products in the United States using of recycled and tested materials. Cuppow offers a full collection of products that are designed as everyday alternatives to disposable and single-use alternatives

Description: One Cuppow lid for wide mouth canning jar can help Live a low impact life! This lid will let you turn any wide mouth mason jar into a glass travel mug. Its perfect for everything from coffee to cocktails, and with a Lifetime Warranty, you can love using it forever. Ditch the disposable cup! 3.5 inches wide.
Country of Origin: USA
Materials: food grade recycled plastic (polypropylene #5), BPA Free, BPS Free (a popular BPA replacement with the similar concerns), Phthalate Free
Care Instructions: Cuppow is dishwasher Safe. Simply keep it with silverware or somewhere secure - it's so light that it can get blown around and end up next to the heating element.
Packaging: The Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking LId comes in a recycled cardboard package.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Cuppow
Social Media: @cuppow

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