Brush With Bamboo

Bamboo Toothbrush - Child

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Plant-based bamboo toothbrush, Child

Mission: Brush with Bamboo makes the world’s most eco-friendly toothbrushes made with the highest quality standards. Each bamboo toothbrush replaces a non-biodegradable plastic toothbrush.

Description: Plant-based bamboo toothbrush with all components made from plant: bristles, handle, wrapper and box. Compostable packaging. USDA Certified Biobased.

Country of Origin: China, USA

Materials: Bamboo, Castor Bean, Nylon

Care Instructions: Depending on bathroom moisture, you may want to towel off your toothbrush after use.

Packaging: Bioplastic wrapper and paper box, fully compostable. 



Brand Information

Brand Name: Brush with Bamboo


Social Media: @brushwithbamboo

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